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3 Unique Easter Decorations You Can Make at Home

by:Unionrise     2020-08-27
Easter is the time for adorning the home with cheerful decorations, baking festive bunny cakes, and enjoying fruity desserts. Most of all, Easter is a time for giving and receiving yummy treats in goodie baskets. Here are some ideas to help you with handmade modern Easter decorations and Easter gift ideas for a contemporary celebration. Take a page from a grade-school activity book by crafting some papier-mache birds' nests using shredded brown lunch bags or sheets from an old dictionary. Use a small bowl as the base and layer the paper shreds with a mixture of water and clear glue. Let dry and pull the paper creation off the bowl for a beautifully-textured nest, perfect for displaying egg-shaped candy. These nests are perfect for creating unique handmade Easter gift ideas as well. Make unusual wearable Easter decorations using small plastic toys shaped like bunnies or chicks, silk flowers, natural moss, construction paper, a pair of scissors, and some glue. Cut out a circle from the construction paper and use glue to adhere the silk flowers to it. Make a pleasing arrangement using the plastic toys and moss and embellish with some ribbon or glitter. Fasten a pin to the back of your creation with some glue or double-sided tape and give one to each of your guests. These pins can be great for personalized Easter gifts, as you can easily include a name tag in the design. Create goodie bag garlands as Easter decorations using white paper bags. Make an outline of a bunny or any Easter-themed motif on some construction paper and cut it out. Slide a small piece of cardboard inside the bag to serve as a cutting mat. Place your outlined template on the bag and with a sharp craft knife cut out the design. Cut out some clear cellophane large enough to cover the design. Put some glue around the perimeter of the outline inside the bag. Slide the cellophane square into the bag and press to adhere. Fill the bag with candy and finish with a ribbon. You can create a garland with these goodie bags and display it as part of your Easter decor. These make for excellent Easter gift ideas, as your guests can take goodie bags after the party. With these decor ideas, you can enjoy seasonal celebrations in style.
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