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Any promotion team established by Unionrise I&E in foreign countries?
Ningbo Unionrise I&E Co., Ltd.has already established our own promotion team in China. It consists of several talents who are specialized in working out the best market strategy. They do their best to deal with the issues of our domestic and foreign customers, and also, spare no pains to help promote our brand awareness in the global. In addition, they can utilize all types of online promotion channels, such as Facebook and Google, to help promote branded products including children's face painting kits and enlarge our customer base.

Based in China, Unionrise I&E has developed into a global manufacturer and supplier. We focus on designing, producing, and marketing craft kits for kids. The halloween eva craft sets series has become a hot product of Unionrise I&E. The raw materials of Unionrise willow charcoal are treated with several procedures. Materials enrichment, refining, and smelt process will be conducted to make the materials into a product with high purity. It is for every home that wants the best art education for their child. This product can greatly help correct people's posture of walking and standing and finally help people reduce the risk of foot pains. Its ability to take on the three-dimensional form allows it to create textured 3D effects.

Our goal is to be a leader in the scratch art set industry.
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