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Charlotte Pinapfel Posts Simple Picture Projects

by:Unionrise     2020-08-17
Fun Photo Craft Ideas by Charlotte Pinapfel Some of the best gifts I've been given are crafts made from photos of good times spent with my family and friends. These gifts are easy and inexpensive to make and are a great and unique present for any occasion. I'm going to give you instructions for making a cool painting using photos, paint, glitter and decoupage on a canvas. Choose six photographs of a similar theme. Maybe it is of you and your best friend, or your family vacation, or pictures from a particularly memorable girls night out. All of the photos should be either horizontal in orientation or vertical. Choose one orientation for all of the photos in this project. You will also need to choose a paint color and buy a canvas that is roughly 12' X 24' for this project. Other supplies needed are paint brushes, translucent glitter paint, a paint pen in a metallic color and clear decoupage. For the sake of these instructions, we'll say all of the photographs are of you and your best friend while on various vacations and are vertically oriented. We'll say you've chosen the color blue. Take the canvas and give it a good coating of the blue paint, including the sides of the canvas, where it wraps around the wooden frame. Let the paint dry fully. Now take the translucent glitter paint - you can usually find these in packs of six in the paint aisles of art supply or craft stores. Use as few or as many colors as you like and brush that over the now blue canvas in random strokes. On blue, I would use the purple, green and gold paints for a peacock-like effect with the paint. Let this fully dry. Take the decoupage and fully cover the canvas with it. This could be a multi-day process depending on the level of shine you want. The decoupage will really bring out the subtlety of the translucent glitter paint. It is very important to let each layer of decoupage dry completely before applying another layer or moving onto the next step. Once the canvas is fully dried, take your photographs - which should be printed on regular porous white printer paper. Place them on the canvas in a pattern that appeals to you. Once you're sure you have the placement the way you want, use the decoupage to affix them to the canvas. Now take your paint pen and write a few words on the canvas. Let's say you've decided to write Love, Laughter, Friendship Inspiration, Wisdom, and Integrity. Once the photos have dried, use the decoupage and cover the entire canvas one more time. Charlotte Pinapfel Tips. After the decoupage dries, take the translucent glitter paint and paint random strokes over the entire canvas. Once it dries, layer 3-4 more layers of decoupage onto the canvas. When it is complete, you will have a beautiful keepsake worthy of hanging on the wall. Posted By Charlotte Pinapfel
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