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Child Craft Cribs For Newborn Babies

by:Unionrise     2020-08-16
Young married couples are simply ready for that special person and also they are crazy to buy new things for their little guest. Parents should know what a newborn baby needs and they should make a checklist prior to starting shopping for their newborn baby. The important stuff, one needs to buy for one's newborn include feeding bottles, clothes, blankets, safe toys and crib. Out of all this stuff, one needs to be much cautious while choosing a crib. Unsafe crib can be safety hazard to your child and for this reason one needs to buy only quality furniture like Child Craft cribs for children. Birth of a child completes a family. It's the duty of the parents to ensure safety of their newborn babies. A newborn spends his initial months in a crib. He takes rest, plays and sleeps in a small covered bed. The bed is his home where he spends most of his time. A wide range of beautiful child furniture is available in the market but parents should focus on the safety features rather than beauty and shine of the furniture. Child Craft cribs are both beautiful and safe for newborn babies and for this reason a majority of parents choose this furniture. Most of the varieties of cribs come with slats that prevent the baby from falling down from his bed. The slats are very useful but you should notice the gap between slats. Ideal distance between two slats is maximum two inches. Slats with more than 2 inch gap can be harmful for a baby as the baby can stuck his head between the slats. The American government has laid down certain guidelines for making child furniture and it is mandatory for every child furniture manufacturer to follow those guidelines. One looking for cribs can invest in Child Craft cribs as this manufacturer exceeds the industry standards set by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Child Craft cribs are made from material safe for human. The great thing about this furniture is that it has no edges and it is polished with non-toxic chemical. Another noticeable thing about this furniture is that is durable, germ free, convenient to carry and easy to maintain. This furniture doesn't require much cleaning as it is highly resilient towards water, moisture, dust and caustic and acidic liquids. All you need to keep this furniture clean is to brush it with soft bristles brush.
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