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Craft Supplies For Budding Artists

by:Unionrise     2020-08-13
Do you have a budding artist in your midst? Perhaps your daughter has recently discovered that she's got creativity flowing through her veins. Or maybe you yourself have recently decided that you're going to connect with your inner artist and take up some of your time doing crafts. Crafts are certainly a lot more fun than chores, and now that you're a stay at home mom, you've got to find some way to spend your time - and you might as well spend it productively! Back when you were young and your time was your own, you'd spend hours doodling in your notebook during class and at home; you'd draw until the sun came up. Now that the kids are off at school during the day, you've got a few hours to yourself, so why not get back in the artist habit and stock your crafter's toolbox? Starting from square one? Building up your crafter's toolkit from scratch? Here are some integral items you'll need to get crafty! A good place to start when it comes to filling up your crafter's toolbox is with a variety of different types of ribbon. Whether you go with grosgrain or flora satin, curling ribbon or beautiful and elegant organza, you're sure to find a great use for it. Ribbons can be used for wrapping gifts (the most obvious choice) but they also come in handy for a great deal of crafting projects. You can make ribbon belts, use them for hairpieces and jewelry making, even to create handles on a handbag that you sew yourself. Ribbons are also often an integral part of any clothing you make, so if you're teaching yourself to sew alongside your quest to become quite the crafter, you can never have enough ribbon! Another important tool to have is buttons - and lots of them! For starters, you never know when you'll need to sew an extra one onto your husband's shirt or your son's jacket. Plus, when it comes to crafting, buttons always come in handy. They make great eyes for sock puppets and snowmen, and can also be used in jewelry projects. Consider a button necklace, or even a button headband! Kids will have lots of fun working with buttons alongside you - as you work on your adult projects, they can mix and match the colors, glue them onto construction paper...the possibilities are endless! Because buttons come in all sizes and colors, you'll never run out of options! Speaking of eyes for snowmen, you can't have a craft box for the kid without googly eyes! Kids love these movable fake plastic eyes, and they're perfect for any number of projects, from sock puppets to illustrations. If you don't feel safe getting the plastic ones, consider the paste on neon ones which are made from pom-poms. Pom-poms themselves are another great addition to your toolkit, especially if you have kids - they go hand in hand with chenille stems. Help the kids create small people with fun pom-pom hair and googly eyes! Googly eyes come in all sorts of sizes, so whether you're helping your children sketch out a lifesize version of themselves on poster board paper or just gluing some eyes onto a popsicle stick person, there's a size for you! Consider getting a variety pack of these to keep in your craft box so that you always have multiple sizes on hand. When it comes to more adult options, felt is great for budding artists. It's easier to work with than other fabrics and can be used in all sorts of artistic mediums. Plus, it comes in tons of colors. If you're teaching yourself to sew, or at least, to assemble clothing, start with felt. Make yourself a felt handbag and glue the sides together. With felt, you can practice cutting out the shapes you'll later apply to real fabric when you are skilled enough to make your own clothing. Felt is also great for the kids, as it's soft but thicker than construction paper. They can meld it and mold it and cut it to their liking to construct whatever is living inside their imagination. Of course, no tool kit is complete without glitter. This sparkling confection is every child's favorite artistic option (and some adults favorite, too!). Whether you're putting glitter onto a homemade birthday card or sprinkling it onto a crown for Halloween, colorful tiny sequins seem to make everyone happy. You'll never go wrong with glitter, especially if you have a variety pack that provides lots of color choices. Sure, it's a bit messy, but with a good clean up crew, you can make it work. Glitter never fails to put a smile on the face of anyone who uses it, and it's perfect for a range of projects, big and small, young and old. Consider these many creative options when assembling your personal arsenal of craft supplies!
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