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by:Unionrise     2020-08-12
The growth of e-commerce means that shoppers around the world have a global choice. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the niche of paper craft supplies for scrapbooks and card making: villagers engaged in a cottage industry in northern Thailand aren't complaining! The reason is simple: shipping cost. Shipping in e-commerce can account for up to half of the overall order cost if sent internationally. But not with paper craft supplies for card making and scrapbooks! These are by definition flat and light, as they have to fit on a greeting card in an envelope or on a scrapbook page. Thailand is known as a source of scrapbook and card making craft supplies, with customers from Europe and America ordering online direct from Thailand. Whilst Thailand has always been known for its tradition of arts and crafts, it is the production of mulberry paper that holds the key to the growing reputation of Thailand as a centre for card making supplies and scrapbook supplies. Mulberry paper has been made in northern Thailand and Burma for hundreds of years, and Thailand is considered the home of mulberry paper. The paper is hand made from the bark of the fast growing mulberry tree, grown in northern Thailand. Once a year the bark is harvested and the tree is cut back to the roots. The tree re-grows in a year, adding to the paper's ecological appeal in the west. The bark is soaked in water and churned to produce a soft pulp. After bleaching and dyeing, it is poured into a gauze screen in a bamboo frame. Flowers and leaves are may be added to create a pattern in the natural paper. Once dried in the sun, the paper is peeled off the gauze mesh, leaving the characteristic deckled edge and texture on the paper. Mulberry paper is particularly well suited for Paper Craft Supplies for card making and scrapbooks. It is considered 'acid free' and 'lignin free'. Acid makes the paper in a scrapbook crumble after time, and lignin makes it turn yellow. 'Acid and Lignin Free' is critical for scrapbook supplies. The normal production process of mulberry paper results in a PH neutral paper ('Acid free'). Lignin is concentrated in the core of a tree stem, rather than the bark. Since mulberry paper is made from bark, it is popularly termed as 'lignin free'. So popular is mulberry paper that whole villages in northern Thailand are centered around the production of mulberry paper, scrapbook and card making supplies, as well as a whole range of art and paper craft supplies. Finally, mulberry paper has found such a welcome niche among scrapbook and card making fans because of its rough hand-made texture, and huge range of unique hand mixed colours. Mulberry paper craft supplies for scrapbooks and card making range from miniature mulberry paper flowers, sheets of mulberry paper in various sizes, scrapbook albums, mulberry paper die cuts for for all occasions, cards and envelopes. To get more information about Craft supplies http://www.easycraft.com
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