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Crafting Activities For Your Next Chinese New

by:Unionrise     2020-08-12
The Year of the Tiger will celebrated for 2012 Chinese New Year. Why not make it a holiday of crafting for everyone who wants to keep busy for this holiday gathering. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Fun Paper Chinese New Year Party Games Chinese paper crafting is wonderful fun for all, so have a crafting session for all to participate in. How about making some Chinese lanterns to hang around the room and add to the festive occasion when you are done? To make the paper crafts each guest should have a plastic container that contains scissors, glue, tape and similar craft items. And to make the lanterns fancy, supply the guests with glitter or sequins and some glue to affix it to the lanterns. The guests at the party can make a homemade handle out of various pieces of construction paper. They can make it as fancy and different as they like. The remaining part of the paper can be vertically folded in half. Next, have them draw a 'stop' line about one inch from each end of the sheet. This is where they will stop cutting. You guests should next measure and mark some lines about one inch apart. These will be the cutting lines. They should begin from the fold in the paper. The part guests will then unfold the sheet of paper and then fold it again without allowing the pencil markings to show. Then they will need to match the long edges of the page together and tape it together. Use the stapler to affix the handles of the lanterns, and then glue the glittery finishing touches on. You will find that people of all ages will enjoy these paper crafting activities, and they will be very creative. In fact, you might want to provide them with beads, buttons, string, and anything else you have in your crafting drawers. Additionally, the guests will be very imaginative and decorate the lanterns will a variety of decorations making each one very unique. When everyone is done, these can be hung from the ceiling with tape, or placed around the party room to add ambiance to the occasion. And it's always nice to have giveaway prizes to the ones who created the best lanterns, so when you're shopping for the Chinese New Year Supplies and Invitations, be sure to include some special prizes for the winners of this great crafting game.
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