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Creating Loads of ATCs

by:Unionrise     2020-08-11
Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) are fantastic tiny art pieces which are exchanged between crafters. In a crafting show, ATCs in many cases are exchanged between other participants as a souvenir for the event. Occasionally there can be a subject to help the attendees. The task of creating plenty of ATCs for these shows would be to maintain the style and design very simple and one you can certainly reproduce repeatedly. What exactly is an ATC? Artist Trading Cards are usually tiny art pieces created using the purpose to be exchanged between other crafters. You will find various people on the web which have trades as well as challenges based on these cards. An ATC should be the set size of 2 1/2? by 3 1/2 . They are generally in portrait layout however don't need to be. Aside from the sizing, there aren't any additional guidelines to ATCs - you possibly can make them from cardboard boxes or perhaps cloth as well as other thin materials. And you may embellish these with paints or perhaps stamping or collage or even quilting or some other design you want. The back part of the ATC should provide your information, just like a company card would. Your own name as well as e-mail address (or mailing address, if you want) is a minimum. At times the title of the ATC, or subject or event, and its quantity or edition can also be integrated. There exists another guideline about ATCs - I've been often advised that ATCs are really just for trading and not to be purchased or sold. Numerous crafters is going to create what is known as ACEOs (Art Card, Editions and Originals), that are ATCs to sell. In my opinion that's contrary to the intent by which ATCs are made. Tips in creating loads of ATCs - Begin with huge sheets of card (12 x 12 or A4) that can effortlessly be embellished to create the design then cut to size - Stamping enables you to duplicate exactly the same look repeatedly - Get accessories such as punches or perhaps cutter dies that could generate a lot of the same in a short period of time and for small fee - They don't all need be similar; when creating cards for a theme, you may still modify the color or form of some features - Rather than writing your information on back part of many ATCs, make use of your personal computer to type your primary information (name and e-mail address) after that cut and place these at the back part of your ATC. After that you can sign it. The way I create a good amount of ATCs 1. Make use of walnut ink or perhaps coffee or tea stain for you to antique a lot of sheets of card for the design. Make use of the exact same approach to antique sheets of text from a used book or perhaps conference cases (in case the sheets snuggle, put a weighty book to tone and flatten, once they are dried out) 2. Making use of a huge background stamp, cover up the background card (many tiny stamps can also make the exact same impact) 3. Trim the background card to 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 pieces 4. Cut down the text pages to 3 1/2 pieces. After that, cut them to smaller sized pieces by about 1/3 of ATC width. Make use of a brown or sepia ink to sponge the torn side of every piece. 5. Attach the text strip to backgrounds by using a glue stick 6. Insert picture or adornments: I cut down these T's making use of a puzzle cutter. 7. To complete the ATC, edge the whole card, while using inked straight into the sides and stamp 'time' utilizing alphabet stamps at a brighter color. 8. Don't fail to remember to include your own information at the back. You can do this by hand, by using an ATC template stamp or perhaps making use of your personal computer. The ultimate element of ATCs would be to go and exchange them liberally. I'll never forget one of my very first craft exhibits I went to and I didn't know facts concerning this exchanging matter. A lot of girls had been really kind and grateful to offer me an ATC when I had absolutely nothing to give in exchange. All this is the nature where I participate in craft exhibits nowadays. If you're a bit fearful, put your ATCs inside a plastic bag and make use of a safety pin to affix them to your carry bag or coat, and then anybody else who has ATCs can easily see you've got many and you could begin a talk. Various craft exhibits are going to have a moment and location that folks can get together to swap. And don't forget the spirit of ATCs - if you are planning to go to a show in which you are likely to interact with people you recognize, you possibly can make some exclusive ATCs them, however have them separate, so that they are quick to find and also you don't unintentionally hurt someone's emotions. I've heard about situations of some individuals declining to exchange their ATCs if they see the other individuals ATCs and it didn't satisfy their standard. Fortunately these kinds of occurrences are very few and between but don't forget that all of us had to start somewhere, therefore be kind with your ATCs. Happy Creating, Michelle
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