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Does Unionrise I&E provide EXW for oil paint and canvas sets ?
Ningbo Unionrise I&E Co., Ltd.offers several types of pricing, including EXW. If you choose EXW, you agree to purchase products that are responsible for shipping related expenses, including door transfers and export permits. Of course, you will get a cheaper product when you buy EXW, but because you are responsible for the entire transportation, your shipping costs will increase. We will clarify the terms and conditions immediately at the beginning of the negotiations and get all the content in writing, so there is no doubt about what has been agreed.

Since establishment, Unionrise I&E has been focusing on manufacturing neon paint set. We are one of the major manufacturers and suppliers in the market. The finger paint series has become a hot product of Unionrise I&E. The separation and purification process of Unionrise paper making craft kit will be conducted for several times. It is separated from the complicated mineral aggregates and refined at least two times for high purity. The assorted styles allow it to add great color to life. With its advanced control system, the product helps increase productivity. It finally decreases production time and increases output. It is able to retain its color and gloss over time.

Unionrise I&E has set a goal to become the leader of the scratch art set industry. Get an offer!
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