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Gyan Ganga Montessori And Model School Learners

by:Unionrise     2020-07-28
Going to school is fun for almost all the students. Research shows that our children, no matter what their age, ethnic background, or place of living are, want to feel engaged at schools. They want to feel like their existence and what they do at schools matter. Not to themselves only, but to their parents and teachers too. When we enter into the world of schooling, we feel like running away from that place. But gradually we develop a magnetism towards school life and start enjoying that. These days, teachers and school authorities are concentrating more on generating the interests of the students by making the classes more practical oriented, organizing events, debates and discussions regularly. It has been observed that, not only in the schools in metro cities, but in places like Surat, Indore and Haryana, school authorities are implementing effective measures to generate the interest of the students and making them more participative in an enthusiastic way. Gyan Ganga Montessori and Model School in Sonipat, Haryana was setup in 2003 under the aegis of 'Shri Gyan Ganga Vocational and Education Society' with an aim to provide 'Stress Free Education' to the children. The School is an English Medium, day boarding and co-educational institute from Pre Nursery to Class 10. The School provides special care and facilities to the Montessori students like activity rooms equipped with educational toys, puzzles to enhance analytical skills, computers with educational software and excited swings and rides. The school has set an example of being a technically sound school in Haryana. Gyan Ganga Montessori and Model School houses all the modern infrastructural facilities like spacious classrooms, modernized labs, well stocked library, kids play zone, open play ground, activity room, art & craft studio, music & dance room and transportation. The school employs highly qualified, efficient and experienced teachers, who are conversant with both, their specialized academic subjects and modern methods of teaching. The school runs a Day Boarding facility after the school hours to improve the performance of the comparatively slow learners. Special efforts are made by the trained teachers who treat these students carefully and protect them from developing a feeling of inferiority and insecurity. To foster a spirit of healthy competition and to promote group loyalty, the school is divided into four houses viz. Ganga House, Yamuna House, Krishna House, Kaveri House. Inter House Competitions are held periodically which help the student to develop the art of public speaking and confidence, which will be of immense importance for them in their future life. Every year during the Summer vacation & Autumn break educational tours, excursions, camps are organized for the students not only for providing recreation but also to give them exposure to the outer world and also to inculcate qualities of leadership, self reliance, discipline and a sense of responsibility in them.
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