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How are materials used by Unionrise I&E for producing face paint set ?
Ningbo Unionrise I&E Co., Ltd.regards the controlling of quality of materials as important as the controlling of quality of finished products. Materials used in face paint set are supplied by reliable partners and tested by our professional team. The use of materials is considered during the certification.

Unionrise I&E is renowned for the strong capacities of manufacturing face painting kits. We have received a good reputation in the industry. Unionrise I&Efocuses on providing a variety of craft stickers for customers. Unionrise stone painting kit is the outcome of combined theories. It is developed adopting the knowledge of heat convection, radiation, and conduction by the R&D department. It can be used on nearly all kinds of surface areas such as canvas, paper, and wood. This product can significantly protect the feet from sharp objects and uncomfortable surfaces, which will help people fight against the tough roads. It is much less prone to mold or mildew development.

Unionrise I&E will pursue more stable endlessly felt craft kits. Contact!
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