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How many employees in Unionrise I&E?
From a small-scale company to a company with complete facilities and strong economic strength, Ningbo Unionrise I&E Co., Ltd.has grown a lot and now has several departments made up of professionals, designers, sales elites, and senior technicians. We strictly select and hire employees who are required to have rich experience in this industry and know the performance and characteristics of kids paint accessories deeply. In addition, our employees need to have a deep understanding of our corporate culture and management concepts, which is very important for company growth.
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As a scratch art set globally competitive producer, Unionrise I&E is accelerating its own extensive improvement. Unionrise I&Ehas created a number of successful series, and craft set is one of them. Unionrise neon acrylic paint set is designed to last for years of continuous operation and its heat sinks ensure the maximization of thermal convection and conduction. The heat sinks are made of the high conductive materials such as aluminum alloy and stainless steels. It boasts excellent resistance to weather and UV rays. This product keeps the appearance clean. It has a unique metal-coated surface that effectively prevents dust and fumes from sticking during operation. The quality formula makes sure its color will be bright and bold.
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We believe that we can drive business results while benefiting society, and for that reason, we focus on initiatives that contribute to our profit, generate enthusiasm, and positively contribute to society. Get an offer!

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