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Kids And Money - How to Keep Your Kids Occupied For Free

by:Unionrise     2020-07-13
Everyone knows that the holidays mean there's going to be plenty of kids running around. It's hard to watch over the little ones while preparing for the family get together so here are some tips to help keep kids preoccupied without breaking the bank, getting a credit card lawsuit. After all, holidays are also one of the easiest times to go broke. Cardboard boxes Dads and moms buy their kids these toys that cost a lot of money and they end up getting mad at them because their child writes or colors all over their new toy. Kids love to draw and write scribbles and figures from their imagination so instead of giving them a robot, why not give them cardboard boxes that they can draw or write on. You should even encourage kids to let their imagination out, so they can turn the cardboard box into a house, car, truck, or whatever they want. Bubble wrap Give your kids the bubble wrap you get with the things your bought during your holiday shopping and they'll love you for it. They can squeeze, pinch and pop the little bubbles and spend hours playing with it. If you don't have bubble wrap, Styrofoam balls also work. It's going to make a mess but your kids will focus their attention on it all day. Anything that they can cut up Get your old arts and crafts box, lay out some paper-like Styrofoam paddings on the floor, and watch the kids turn that padding into creative, arts and craft projects. They can cut out the padding into different shapes and play with them. You can also give them paint, markers and crayons to color their creations. Just make sure they're washable or water based. Empty containers This works really well if you're planning to go out to the beach or a pool party for the holidays or if you have a sandbox outside. They can use these empty containers to shape the sand and turn it into a castle or other structures. When they're on the water, these empty containers serves as toys for them and they can play in the water for hours with them. Empty paper wrapping rolls The great thing about kids is that you don't have to spend a lot or deal with a credit card lawsuit to keep them from getting bored. Empty paper wrapping rolls can turn into swords and they can make up a world of their own just with their imagination.
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