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Kids Face Painting 101

by:Unionrise     2020-07-13
One of the best activities introduced in the recent years is face painting. This activity can now be seen at almost all children's parties and carnivals or festivals. This is an activity that boys, girls and even their parents can enjoy and participate in. The art of face painting is pretty basic to do; kids can either do the painting of each other's faces or just choose to have designs painted on them. Show the kids the ropes and explain to the the techniques needed and guide them to make them understand and learn the basics of face painting. This is if the kids will be the ones doing the face painting. You will need the basic face painting supplies if you'll be the one to do the face painting for the kids. Initially, you have to look for various face painting designs. You can search online for designs and you will find quite a handful. Choose a design for girls and for boys. Organize your designs in a clear book with the designs for boys and girls separate from each other. There are also face painting books you can find in various crafts and bookstores in your area. These designs will serve as pattern for the artist. Be sure the designs can be done so do not choose very complicated ones. Next, choose the paints you will be using. There are many brands of face paint available now in the market and choosing the right colors is very important. There are metallic paints available, plain colors and glitter paints. You have an option to pick one type or combine all of them. Bring your designs when going paint shopping so you'll know what colors you'll need the most. Make sure to check the label of the face paint you're buying to make sure that it's water-based. You can also purchase a face painting marker while at the store. Use the marker to make an outline on the face. This will make the process easier to especially if you are not used to brushes or sponges. Finally, make sure to purchase brushes and sponges. Keep in mind to get different brush sizes to ensure you can do the designs. You can use sponged to color large portions of the face. It is advisable to invest in brushes if you plan on doing face painting more than once. Kids can do the face painting if they believe they can handle the designs. Have the kids play around with each other's faces. Kids could also paint their parents' faces so everybody could enjoy and have fun. If they ask you to step in, do so and show them how it is done. Just by simply watching the kids paint, you might be able to discover the future artists.
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