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Make a Move Easier on The Kids

by:Unionrise     2020-07-08
Moving creates a huge amount of stress on the whole family. Some experts say that it is one of the top five reasons that people get divorced. While this might be true, it is even more difficult on your kids. Kids do not like change, and moving is one of the biggest changes possible. There are certain things you can do as parent that can make the move easier on your children: Never Keep it a Secret Always discuss the move with the kids. Let them know what the new place is like and any fun and exciting things they can expect there. Reassure Them Kids are very intuitive and will notice when everyone around them gets stressed because of the impending move. Don't' lie to them about that stress, and let them know that it's only natural and that things will be a little hectic for a minute after the move. Reassure them that it won't be long until life gets back to normal in your new home. Tell them that while there will be some aspects of life that will be different, a lot will be the same, such as daily activities and visiting family members. Get Kids Involved in the Move Depending on the ages of your children, find things they can do to let them know they are a big part of the moving process. These activities can include packing their favorite toys, marking boxes, or carrying small items. Make sure these are things they can basically do on their own so that you won't need to watch over them the whole time. You can even get the youngest of your kid's books with a moving theme to make them feel better about things. Read the book to them every day and ask them if they have any questions about the move. Let the Kids Help Unpack If at all possible, let the kids pick the room that will be theirs in your new home. This will help them feel like the new home is partly owned by them. When decorating their rooms, try to let them decide on some of the furniture that will be used in the room. Even let them pick out colors for carpeting or paint. It's a good idea to have them choose colors and furniture from some choices that you've picked out beforehand, so that you avoid them picking out strange things, like black or fluorescent pink paint. Create a Special First Day When the kids help pack before the move, be sure to create a couple of boxes that you can open first that have their favorite things in them. This will help them feel like they are a big part of the move and can make them feel more secure in a world that seems like it is suddenly turned upside down. These favorite things can be toys, clothing, or even their favorite plates and eating utensils when the kitchen gets unpacked. The best idea, if at all possible, is to start the unpacking process with the kid's rooms, and let them unpack the first box on their own so that they feel like it is their special place. When it comes to your kids, there is really no way to completely avoid the stress that comes naturally when you move, but if you follow the tips above it should make the changes much easier for them to take.
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