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Minipack - Manufacturer Of Quality Shrink Wrap

by:Unionrise     2020-07-06
Shrink wrap machines and vacuum sealers have a lot in common. They both use plastic-based films to package and preserve products. They are also both widely used in the commercial food industry. Not surprisingly, they are also both made by the well-known manufacturer Minipack. While the name may not be as well known as Sony or Microsoft, Minipack is one of the best-known manufacturers in the packing industry. Minipack is headquartered in Italy, where they are known as Minipack-Torre. Minipack became a big player in 1976 with the release of several chamber shrink wrap machines. Minipack's U.S. headquarters is based out of California and is known as Minipack America. Minipack has made a name for themselves over the past 30+ years because their machines have proven to be durable and get the job done right the first time. Minipack's all-star shrink wrap team features the Minipack Digit series, Diva series and Sealmatic series of shrink wrap machines, which are designed for high-volume packaging of CDs, DVDs, boxes and more. Minipack is also very popular in the low to mid-volume shrink wrap market with the release of their Galaxy and Galileo machines, which are compact and easy to use. Most of Mipack's shrink wrap machines us an integrated 'chamber' heat tunnel. This increases the speed of shrink wrapping by cutting the film around the product and shrinking the film in one single pass. Some of the higher-end machines feature custom programming, magnetic locks, waste film winder and more. Minipack also manufactures a wide variety of vacuum sealers, ranging from more traditional external models to chamber vacuum sealers. The Minipack Fast Vac is designed for home and low-volume vacuum sealing where their MVS series are designed for high-volume vacuum sealing. Vacuum sealers are used to package fish, beef, vegetables and more. Food is placed in a special bag after which the air is removed and the bag is sealed. Due to the lack of air, the shelf life of food is dramatically increased. Vacuum sealing is also used to prevent freezer burn by protecting the food inside. Unlike many department-store vacuum sealers, Minpack vacuum sealers are serviceable. This means if for any reason a part wears out, it can be replaced. There is no need to replace the entire machine. This is also the case with Minipack's line of shrink wrap machines. Shrink wrap and vacuum sealing machines from Minipack are a great choice for any business that packages products on a regular basis. Contact Office Zone for more information on Minipack shrink wrap machines and vacuum sealers.
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