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Safe And Comfortable Child Craft Furniture

by:Unionrise     2020-06-26
When a baby is born, it is very difficult for parents to resist themselves from the luxury of spending lavishly in child furniture, clothing and toiletries because they want to gift the baby the best of the world. In this excitement of becoming mother and father, parents shouldn't forget that the first thing the baby wants is a crib where the baby is going to spend most of its time. A wide range of cribs is available in the market but not every item is worth buying. When it comes to shopping for child furniture, safety comes first. Always buy child craft cribs that follow government child furniture manufacturing standards. It is disheartening to know that a large number of parents overlook the safety norms when shopping for child furniture resulting in infant deaths that is estimated to be around 50 each year. Most of the parents don't know what to look in a crib and for this reason they buy the most attractive furniture their babies. Here are some features that you should look into a crib before arriving at any decision. Infants and toddlers are unable to control their bodies and for this reason they are kept in safe furniture where they can't harm them when moving their hands and feet. Cribs have parallel bars on the sides where the baby can stuck when moving his body. Safe child craft cribs have sturdy bars with minimum gap between them. Ideally the bars of a crib should maintain at least 60mm distance between them. Some cribs have wheels for convenience of moving the furniture but it is mandatory for the parents to ensure the quality of the wheels. They should be made of stainless steel and not from plastic than can break overtime. Also the wheels should have convenient locking mechanism to make the furniture stationery. The best child craft cribs are made of hard wood that neither break nor cracks. Also they have high quality lockable wheels for your convenience. Parents think that they are buying best for their babies but in reality they bring the furniture that is neither safe nor comfortable for the infants. Though government has set standards for child furniture but not every manufacturer follows them in letter and spirit. But as every dark cloud has a silver lining there are some who make child craft cribs that are both safe and comfortable for infants.
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