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Scrapbook Revolution

by:Unionrise     2020-06-26
Our photos are becoming increasingly digital. Fewer of us ever get our photos developed these days. Hardly any of us use the traditional types of camera. But more of us are snapping images than ever before. Why? Simply because we've all gone digital. We have cameras on our cell phones, on our MP3 players, we have a host of really great priced digital cameras available and the prices are falling all the time. Even many of the professionals have gone digital thanks to advancements from the leading brands, meaning that even the highest end cameras now available are digital. Is the photo development dark room dying? perhaps. All of this has meant that an age old hobby has had to shimmy on into the 21st century too. Scrapbooking was once a hobby that took place at a craft table with a pot of glue and more paper, decorative bits, glitter and other craft items that you could imagine. Now, all you need is just a computer. While the traditionalists amongst us might argue that it's a real shame to say farewell to the traditional scrapbook, digital scrapbooking offers a host of benefits that simply would not be possible without computers! Scrapbooking on the Move: We're working more hours than ever before, shorter lunches, less sleep... it's becoming harder and harder to squeeze in the time for our favourite hobbies. But with digital scrapbooking you can create your artistic masterpieces on your commute. Let's face it, you wouldn't have been able to transport your entire craft table on the bus with you; would you? Your fellow commuters might have had something to say about that! But you can carry a laptop around, as many of us do, and do your scrapbooking on the move. No Longer Limited by Craft Materials: No amount of craft materials can create animated text, can they? In fact, the effects and looks that can be created with digital scrapbooking software are often limited only by your imagination. And the great thing is that if you don't like one look, you can try another one reasonably quickly. If you create a physical scrapbook from scratch and then decide you don't like it, you probably have a heck of a job unsticking everything and starting all over again! Digital scrapbooking makes chopping and changing between different looks a whole lot easier. Photoshopped Photos: By using digital photos, you can add your own little touches through photo editing suites such as Photo Shop. Whether you want to change the background or maybe even make some humorous additions to the pictures of friends, family and pets, digital photography and digital scrapbooking make this an easy process! Liven up those scrapbooks! Multiple Copies In A Click At No Cost: If you wanted more than one copy of a traditionally made scrapbook, you would need twice the time and twice the materials. If you want to copy a digital scrapbook to send by email you can do it in a click. Now that's a much simpler process! So all in all, while we never like to wave goodbye to crafts and hobbies we've embraced for so long, the digital version of this pastime has a lot to offer.
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