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Set New Fashion Trends With Rhodesian Teak Jewellery

by:Unionrise     2020-06-24
Since centuries, jewellery has been a mark of eminence and prosperity. The masterpieces have served as a sign of endearment, a token of love, and a treasured heritage. Right from flowers, stones to the expensive diamond and gold, jewellery has always been a popular accessory. The jewellery designers choose from a range of different materials, depending upon their themes. Some of the textile materials that could be used for designing jewellery are colored stones, enamel, and aluminum wires. Wood has also become a popular material that the designers are using to make exotic accessories. One of the most durable wood used by the designers is Zambezi Teak. Zambezi Teak, also known as Rhodesian teak, is a leguminous timber tree widely found in Angola, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and other southern parts of Africa. This wood has a distinctive appearance with outstanding durability and strengths. A freshly manufactured timber is light-brown in color marked with uneven black lines or speckles. When it is exposed to light, it changes to reddish-brown, and gradually with years the effect of red color disappears, leaving behind a beautiful dark-brown touch. The strength of Rhodesian teak was recognized by the early settlers and they used it for the construction of railway sleepers. It is amongst one of the most dense and durable hardwoods and is totally resistant to termites. The timber is largely used for flooring, construction and furniture making. The uses have extended and entered the fashion world as designers and craftsmen are embedding it with precious metals to make extraordinary pieces. The wood is processed using stabilization and is then carved for making durable and gorgeous Rhodesian teak jewellery. The craft work and quality of the ornaments can not be beaten. The solid and even texture of the wood provides a smooth touch to each piece. The designer firms crafts top class jewellery for both women as well as men. These pieces are ideal to use during some memorable occasions or common days. The unmatched combination of different wood types, expensive metals and precious gem stones is a must to add to your collection. Rhodesian teak jewellery is designed according to the needs of today's generation. These pieces come under the unique concept of Eco-fashion jewellery. One can find an exhibition of various categories on the website of a jewellery designing firm. The showcase includes wrist accessories, earrings, rings etc. This Eco-friendly jewellery keep us close to the environment and simultaneously, add to our charisma. If you want to add it to your ensemble, then make a search for some distinguished wood accessories designers over the web.
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