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Shrink Hemorrhoids - Many Ways to Shrink Hemorrhoids

by:Unionrise     2020-06-23
Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels that are inflamed and are found in the lower portion of the rectum and at the anus. There are many ways to shrink hemorrhoids. Despite the acute pain and discomfort experienced by hemorrhoids sufferers, this ailment is neither dangerous nor life-threatening. Hemorrhoids can be internal or external depending on their position with respect to the dentate line of the anal canal. Hemorrhoids located above the line are termed internal hemorrhoids while external hemorrhoids are those found below the dentate line. These hemorrhoids can be eliminated. You can choose either natural remedy to reduce hemorrhoids or go for medical intervention to lessen the swelling. The former is the better option because it is devoid of complications. The natural remedies would include the following: 1. You can use the sitz bath for at least 20 minutes. The warm bath can be in a container placed on the toilet seat. Soak the rectal area in the bath. The bath can also contain Epsom salts, herbal salts or even baking soda. 2. Remedies including horse chestnut and witch hazel have been tested and found to be very effective. 3. Vitamin C 1000 mg tablet can also be used to shrink hemorrhoids. However, the preparation should also contain rutin, hesperidin and bioflavoids to enhance the effectiveness in shrinking hemorrhoids. Vitamin C as an anti-oxidant can help to defend the cells from being destroyed by free radicals in the body. 4. You can use an ice bag to shrink hemorrhoids. You place the ice bag to the anal region for relieving the pain of hemorrhoids. The ice will also shrink the hemorrhoids. For medical intervention, you can use the following method to shrink hemorrhoids. 1. Rubber band ligation. The tight rubber band is placed at the base of the hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoid will become devoid of blood supply and will eventually dies off. This will be replaced by a scar. 2. Sclerotherapy is also used where the hemorrhoid is injected with a shrinking agent enabling the hemorrhoid to eventually shrink and later disappear. 3. Heat can also be used to for the purpose. The method involves the use of infrared coagulation to shrink the hemorrhoids. There are many complications with medical interventions. The use of surgery or other interventions present many unnecessary adverse effects to the patient. Relapse can occur later on. The home remedies method will allow you to shrink hemorrhoids very fast. They are also very cheap, safe to use and indeed very effective. If you are looking to Shrink Hemorrhoids that requires no surgery, and which consists of 100% natural treatment methods to eliminate your hemorrhoids safely in 48hours, besides the availability of personal and individualized support toward achieving success, then click on to Shrink Hemorrhoids. In addition, there are over 10 different instant remedies for immediate hemorrhoids relief. You will find the cures very cheap, safe to use yet very effective.
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