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Shrink Liver Diet - Best Fatty Liver Disease Diet

by:Unionrise     2020-06-23
Pre-Surgery Shrink Liver Diet When I was about to have my lap band surgery, my physician advised me to have a shrink liver diet to make my liver smaller. In accordance with her, if I had a smaller liver, it would be easier for the surgeon to perform the surgery since the liver wouldn't be 'blocking the way.' She also said that a shrink liver diet is a typical pre-surgery diet option.Because I did not have an idea on how I could perform a shrink liver diet, she informed me to read an e-book by Nurse Dorothy Spencer named 'Eliminating Hepatic Fat: The Fatty Liver Diet Guide and Factbook'. She said that the recipes could help me obtain my goals from my shrink liver diet.The book recommends a diet guide to assist one's liver, especially the fatty liver disease patients, which can also assist shrink the liver. It gave me a background on what vitamins, minerals, and food groups to focus on and what to reduce or prevent. Basically, Nurse Dorothy recommends a diet plan with low fat content, high fiber, and complex carbohydrates to improve the liver's functions and make it smaller.I believe that essentially the most useful chapters are from 8 to 11, which discussed in more detail the diet that could be comparable to a shrink liver diet. It consists of a 1 Week Diet menu and it has a number of recipes that were easy to do. So it was no sweat for me to start my shrink liver diet.After a few weeks, I went back to the physician to see if I was fine for surgery. The tests showed that my liver was indeed smaller and that the surgery would be performed easier that way. I guess my shrink liver diet indeed worked and I was on my way to the operating room.
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