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Use Home Remedies to Shrink Hemorrhoids

by:Unionrise     2020-06-06
Hemorrhoids can be easily treated by using home remedies. If you want to shrink hemorrhoids, then ensure that you adhere to the steps properly to overcome and totally eliminate hemorrhoids. Then you will not have to use surgery to treat hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are not a dangerous or life threatening ailment. In fact it is just a nuisance that will disappear in a matter of days or a week at the moist. There are four types of hemorrhoids depending on the characteristics pertinent to each type. In the first-degree type, the hemorrhoids remain attached to the walls of the rectum. There would be bleeding. In the second-degree type, the hemorrhoids protrude out of the anus on exertion but they will retract on their own. This shows that the rectal wall and sphincter connective tissues are still strong and elastic. In the third-degree type the hemorrhoids will prolapse but you would need a finger to push them back into the rectum. The final type-fourth-degree hemorrhoids are located outside the anus and this includes the thrombosed hemorrhoids. These are the one that usually are inflamed and very painful. If no care is taken, you may have to resort to surgery to remove this type of hemorrhoids. However, you can take the following steps to rid yourself of this ailment and the home remedial actions to take include the following: 1. Use a suppository that contains an astringent, an anesthetic and a steroidal anti-inflammatory agent. The stringent will shrink the hemorrhoids, the anesthetic will stop the pain while the steroidal anti-inflammatory agent will stop the itch and cure the torn or inflamed skin surrounding the anus or within the lower part of the rectum. The suppository acts very fast because the recto-anal regions are rich in capillaries thus enhancing of the absorption of the medications into the blood system 2. Prepare a warm sitz bath and dip the buttocks in it for about 20 minutes to relieve the pain and cleanse the area. The bath can contain Epsom salts, herbal salts or even baking powder. Relief is almost immediate. 3. Start consuming the supplement Omega 3 capsule 1000 mg. This can be taken for life because of the many benefits derived from the fish oil. You need to temporarily stop taking the fish oil prior to surgery because this supplement has the ability to dilute blood by preventing the clumping of platelets. This will allow for good blood circulation and will greatly assist in hemorrhoids elimination. 4. Check your diet and make sure that it has sufficient fibers so that the stool will be soft. This allows for easy bowel movement without the extra straining as this will worsen hemorrhoids. If you want to shrink hemorrhoids, do not go for surgery. The many home remedies have been found to be the best option in hemorrhoids elimination. They have been found to be cheap, safe and very effective. If you are looking for a complete Shrink Hemorrhoids that requires no surgery, and which consists of treating the problem using 100% natural ingredients, besides the availability of personal and individualized support toward achieving success, then click on to Shrink Hemorrhoids. You will find the cure very simple yet effective.
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