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What about the exports of Unionrise I&E in recent years?
Over the years, the number of Ningbo Unionrise I&E Co., Ltd.products exported to overseas countries has steadily increased. By cause of the innovative engineering and the hard work of the best employees, we provide liquid face paint set with excellent performance and continue to be widely recognized by customers. Due to this foreign trade coverage and infrastructure construction, we have the courage to develop our business to foreign markets and maintain a leading position.

Unionrise I&E stands out among many competitors of manufacturing felt craft kits for kids. We are known for providing innovative products. The harvest eva craft sets series has become a hot product of Unionrise I&E. Unionrise textile paint set is required to be treated with professional technique. It goes through a chemical washing process which is usually carried in iron vessels. It adds fun and elegance to life. With all these features, this kind of material has become one of the most common materials that shoemakers use. The materials meet the safety standard for being skin friendly.

Unionrise ​​is fully committed to high quality products and good service. Please contact us!
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