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What are top selling products in Unionrise I&E?
Canvas art painting sets is highly rated by users. It is designed to meet a variety of requirements. You can talk to a salesperson to find out what you like. The product has been widely promoted in several foreign countries and regions. Every year, a lot of investment in growth and modification is made. Currently, we carry out our own promotional activities. We want to meet all market needs and provide customized services.

Established years ago, Ningbo Unionrise I&E Co., Ltd. is a reliable Chinese company with a speciality in the design and manufacture of shrink art. Unionrise I&Efocuses on providing a variety of powder paint for customers. The design of Unionrise art painting kit is conducted based on the heat dissipation theory by the designers who aim to provide customers with a complete heat dissipation solution including the prototype, design, and production. It adds fun and elegance to life. This product can be leveraged in the best possible way to fit the space without wasting space or limiting the original kitchen design. It meets international toy safety standards such as EN-71 and ASTM F963.

Unionrise I&E is committed to building the world's first brand among comparable products! Check now!
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