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What is Manchester Famous For?

by:Unionrise     2020-06-03
First and foremost, Manchester is famous in the world thanks to its football teams 'Manchester United' and 'Manchester City'. The most favorite pastime for tourists in the city of Manchester is attending matches played by these teams. Stadium and the Museum of FC 'Manchester United' recommend the city as a true Mecca for football fans. Even if you do not sympathize with local teams, you can just enjoy the brilliant quality of the stadium - perhaps one of the best in the world. Manchester is a city of music art. In fact, it is the second-ranked city in England after London, where art plays a significant role. It still renowned for being the motherland of a wonderful musical 'Cats.' Moreover, Manchester is a home of the famous contemporary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, who, besides 'Cats', is an author of the other world-known musical performances, including musical 'Jesus Christ Superstar', 'Phantom of the Opera' and many others. Classical music lovers can visit the BBC Philharmonic, and numerous chamber music halls. Historically, the city was a trade and craft settlement, but in the mid-18th century it began to grow rapidly. In the 19th century it became the world's largest center for the cotton industry that set world prices for yarn and fabric. Large warehouses started to appear around and so far they still are the significant part of the city. In some of them hotels were arranged. Manchester canal is connected to Liverpool port, and it is now the city is also known as a sea port. The city is one of the historic cities, a true monument of the Industrial Revolution. Wonderful architecture is one of the issues that distinguish it among others in the neighborhood. While exploring the city, it is possible to look at the Gothic Cathedral, the stock exchange, built in the style of classicism, and Neo-Gothic town hall. Among local museums especially interesting are the Manchester Art Gallery, which stores masterworks by Turner, Stubbs, Gainsborough; Salford Museum and Art Gallery, famous for the best in the national collection of the most well-known local artists; the Lowry, Manchester Museum, which has the largest Egyptology collection in the UK; Whitworth Art Gallery with a collection of drawings, watercolors and prints by British artists, as well as the national collection of textiles and wallpaper, including the works by William Morris.
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