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What is Mod Podge Crafts? Where to Buy Mod Podge?

by:Unionrise     2020-06-03
It can be best described as glue/sealant/varnish all wrapped into one. It sticks to just about anything. Crafters use Modge Podge for collages, scrapbooking and even interior decorating which includes decorating walls, floors and even furniture. It comes in many colors including glitter. Actually it is nothing new! It has been around since 1967 as crafters have entrusted their most treasured decoupage creations to them. Loved by crafters young and old. Best of all, it's waterbase for easy clean-up, and non-toxic, too--perfect for young crafters. In addition to the original matte and gloss formulas, it includes an assortment of specialty finishes for visual effects. It is perfect for Decoupage!! Who would believe cut-and-paste could be so fun, so easy, so very versatile? This glue-sealer-finish, makes it so! Virtually endless supplies of papers and fabric can be used to decorate just about any surface imaginable. Decoupage is perfect for decorating new craft purchases; upcycling/reviving everyday items around the home; personalizing gifts; and so much more. The art of decoupage is more than simply gluing paper to surfaces. However, it is as easy as that! It is about creating items for home decor and gift giving. Surfaces such as wood, terra cotta, metal, tin, glass, paper mache and fabric are all surfaces that can be decorated! Where to buy Mod Podge? Many craft stores and local retail stores sell Mod Podge but my preference is to order off Amazon.com and I will tell you why? It is pretty quite simple. Amazon in most cases will give you free shipping for orders over $25 and many times, depending on the state you are in $0 sales tax. More importantly though, there are quite a few third party sellers on Amazon, whether that be small craft stores trying to move their inventory quicker. I have found prices to be 60% lower then what Amazon also sells the same item for. Some instances Amazon.com is lower and other instances the third party seller on Amazon.com is lower. Bottom line you need to compare the price with shipping to see which method is best for you. To find out more and where to buy? Click on Where to Buy Mod Podge? or go to http://modpodge.weebly.com/
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