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What is the proportion of material cost to total production cost for kids paint set?
The proportion of material cost can be seen significantly high to total production cost for kids paint set. Generally speaking, high-quality materials are endowed with high purity, long-term usability, and chemically reliability. Once the manufacturers prefer to invest more in the raw materials, they are more likely to obtain the finest quality products, which helps them achieve business success more easily. Thanks to this, the manufacturers who prefer to reduce material costs will be more likely to be cleaned out from the market.
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Unionrise is a credible enterprise that focuses on manufacturing Stationery. Ningbo Unionrise I&E Co., Ltd.provides a wide range of easter eva craft kits for customers. Unionrise harvest eva craft sets is treated well. It has gone through following procedures include slotting, straightening, micro-bead blasting, tumbling, ultrasonic and steam cleaning, as well as chemical and microdot marking. It is for every home that wants the best art education for their child. There are more and more people embracing this product due to its low energy consumption. People can directly save electricity bills. It would be one of the most popular choices among gift shops and bookstores.

Since then, sustainability has been part of our guarantee, so we take great care to ensure that our products save resources and increase efficiency during the manufacturing and subsequent use phases.

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