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When was Unionrise I&E established?
Ningbo Unionrise I&E Co., Ltd.was set up when face painting kits was first launched into markets. Therefore, we have rich experience in producing and supplying the product. Now, we have cooperated with mature and reliable materials suppliers to ensure on-time transport of materials and accountable quality. We form practicable manufacturing procedures which in line with lean production principles. The fast turnover of the products within our production lines help Unionrise I&Eachieve lead time promptly. The fast operation of our plants and equipment, workers, and product together prove our healthy development.

In the past years, Unionrise I&E has remained focus on the design and production of easter crafts. We have grown into a powerful company. The scratch art set series has become a hot product of Unionrise I&E. Unionrise harvest crafts for kids is developed after careful consideration. It is created based on the theory of maximum heat dissipation for devices by our in-house R&D department. It is perfect for kids who are starting to learn to blend colors. Our customers think highly of this product. They say even the negligible small parts are high quality. For example, the slideway runs smoothly without the need for any lubricant. Its ability to take on the three-dimensional form allows it to create textured 3D effects.

We are always dedicated to being the very best brand in the world canvas painting kit industry. Please contact.
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