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Why Most Writers Will Never See Success

by:Unionrise     2020-06-01
Every Month I travel to the city to attend my writers meetup Group. I'm always excited about the trip because I get to mastermind with other wirters and focus on my craft. I'm currently working on my first novel and I like to present different chapters of my manuscript pass the scrutinizing eyes of other writers. Every Month I travel there and I can usualy tell in a short time who is serious about writing and who shows up to dirnk cappucino and talk about T.S. Elliot. I think most writers will never experience the true success they could actually gain because they simply have the wrong mind set. I think too many aspiring authors approach writing from a one dimensional aspect and get too tied up in the creativity, character analysis and art itimitating life. Writers need to approach there work with more of a entrepreneurial mind set. Publishing houses and writers have to compete against television, video Games, Movies, M3 players all the mind numbing instanst gratification gizmos that are making reading a book less attractive. The writer that is thinking more like a business owner will already be thinking of what he or she has to do to be competitive. Create goals and deadlines for yourself and hold yourself accountable to those deadlines. What is going to seperate you from the competition? How is your writing going to be different from everyone elses. What is your projected target market? How much time are you dedicating to your self development. The entire world is is adapting to a global economy how will you adapt.
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