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Why Should I Use Jewelry Making Kits

by:Unionrise     2020-06-01
If you have spent some time in a beading store and have made a number of jewelry pieces, you may wonder why you should get jewelry making kits at all. After all, you can get what you need at the store, one bead at a time. The simplest reason is pricing, but it goes beyond that. Bang for Your Buck Your average beginners kit will offer you the basic supplies you need to start making jewelry at home. It isn't always convenient to spend an afternoon at a bead store and you may want to take more time to create just the right look; which may take days, not hours. Wire, tools, clasps, spacers, and a selection of beads are typically available in starter kits. Many also offer you a tray for separating and placing beads. You End Up With What You See on the Box If you are one of those people who have a hard time visualizing a final product when looking at all the parts, this is a great solution. You pick a kit for, let's say, a bracelet. You follow the directions provided and viola, you have the exact item pictured on the box. Usually kits don't just offer one item either; you might get the supplies to make two complementary bracelets and a set of matching earrings. There will typically be some leftover beads you can add to your growing collection. Simplicity There is something to be said for not having to stand for hours in front of a bead display trying to figure out which beads go best together. Even if you have a stunning bead you found that you want to work into something, a kit is a great option. For example, you may have a dichroic pendant that you purchased at a craft fair because you just couldn't resist it. If you match it up with a kit that coordinates, you know that when you are done, it will look just the way you want - without having to make a dozen additional decisions every step of the way. Now creating what you desire is an afternoon project rather than a week long torment. Jewelry making kits won't solve all of your jewelry making dilemmas, but they are a practical way to get a specific result. The more advanced the artisan is, the less likely they are to use kits. But for the beginner, they are a perfect introduction into the fun world of jewelry design an materials.
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