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Why Unionrise I&E glitter glue set is priced higher?
Along with the guaranteed (quoted) prices being a little higher, Ningbo Unionrise I&E Co., Ltd.offers more in terms of the level of service or the product features. We emphasize much on rigorous high quality production of glitter glue set. We wish to provide you with the best service and business benefits in the industry. Our prices are not set in stone. If you have a pricing requirement or a desired price point, we will work with you to meet those pricing requirements, trying to maximize our cooperation space.
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Unionrise I&E is among the biggest craft stickers producers in China. Unionrise I&Eis mainly engaged in the business of soft oil pastels and other product series. This product has the characteristics of high efficiency. It produces the expected results in the shortest amount of time without any serious errors. The colorants meet the same requirements as food, drug, and cosmetic colorants. The product has low heat conductivity and it is a good insulator. People can use it to serve in a dish or use it to hold hot water without worry of too hot to touch. It would be one of the most popular choices among gift shops and bookstores.
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