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Winter Face Masks For Kids

by:Unionrise     2020-05-31
Kids love to dress up and pretend to be other people, animals or even mythical creatures such as elves. If there is an upcoming winter party or event where kids will pretend to be someone or something else, create a winter face mask to go along with the rest of the costume. Creating a winter face mask can also be a fun way to pass time on a cold winter day. Old Man Winter Historically, many cultures base their beliefs on seasonal themes, such as winter solstice. Creating a traditional mask can be educational for children as you discuss the lives and beliefs of those cultures. To make an Old Man Winter mask, buy a clear plastic mask and paint it white. Spray on glue and add some glitter. Cut 'icicle' shapes from white poster board and tape these to the edge of the mask. Holiday Masks Creating holiday masks can get everyone in the spirit. Whether you create an actual reindeer mask or add one with non-toxic face paint, a child will be thrilled to become a holiday creature. Craft stores and other large retailers are a good source for supplies. Discussing which character your child would like to dress as can be entertaining as ideas are generated and your child's enthusiasm grows. Winter Animals Create a mask based on a winter animal or an animal that is associated with winter, such as a polar bear. Use craft foam to create a polar bear face, or you can use white and black face paint directly on your child's face. Use cotton balls to add fuzzy ears and paint a black nose. Gather several children together to create winter masks and put on a play based on the lives of these animals and the environment in which they live. Winter Cabin Getaway Game The Winter Cabin Getaway Game is another dress-up game, this time with the theme of going away for a winter holiday with a few girl friends and needing to pick out a stylish outfit for the occasion. The girl is on the left hand side of the screen, and on the right there is a circular control panel that is used to select new items of clothing. You select different hats, hair, scarves, gloves, sweaters, pants and shoes. When you are happy with your creation, you can click on 'Show' to display your outfit in an idyllic winter setting, with the warm log cabin in the background. Winter Clothes Craft A winter clothing craft project gives the preschoolers a chance to add some creativity to the theme. Create templates for different winter clothing items such as mittens, hats, coats and scarves. Provide each child with a body shape on a piece of paper and a template for each type of winter clothing item. Students trace the templates onto construction paper and cut them out. The kids then decorate their winter clothing cutouts to create a custom look. Help them glue the clothing to the body shape to dress their people.
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