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You Can Learn How To Make Your Own Gel Candles

by:Unionrise     2020-05-30
Making candles is a fun hobby. Candles are pretty to look at, especially gel candles, which are also very user-friendly and simple to light and slow burning, saving you money. Gel candles are affordable and easy to make, and the craft is a breeze to learn. There are many different additions you can make to the basic gel candle such as aroma and embeds. To get started, you'll need gel, scented oils, zinc wicks and dye in the color of your choice. When you're buying supplies, make sure to only use zinc wicks because cotton wicks will not light well due to the gel being absorbed into the cotton. Most craft stores have a nice selection of candle supplies, either online or at a store. What kind of container should you use for your gel candle? Most candle crafters use clear glass, but an unflamible container of any type is fine to use. You may opt to make gel candles in wine glasses or glass vases, adding various embeds like pretty rocks or shells into the gel. When you make your candle, take a hot glue gun and place the zinc wick into the bottom of the jar or glass you're using. Make sure you've allowed enough wick length to stick out of the top of the container. Using a double boiler, melt small pieces of the gel until reaching 200 degrees F. Watching the temperature is cruicial in the gel candle craft as too high or too low temperature can have detrimental affects on your results. Too high and the pretty color will be lost, too low and the gel will not set correctly. Adding color to your candle is easy and you'll need less since gel candles are vibrant by nature. Put your color of choice into the liquid wax very slowly and continue to add more or stop when you've reached the color you want. If you're planning on adding embeds, then use less color so your object will show up through the color. A good tip is to arrange the embeds around the edges of the jar or glass so you can see them better. Another tip is to heat the container in the microwave for a minute to get it good and hot before adding the gel so you don't have those ugly bubbles that are often seen in bad gel candles. Put the embeds in after you heat the jar while keeping the gel hot. Make sure to hold the wick out the top or hang over the edge before pouring the gel. Once the gel is set, cut the wick to the length you desire. The next thing to add is scent if you want. It's very easy to make candles at home, and making gel candles is a simple and affordable hobby. You can save money on your own candles or on nice gifts. Have fun making your own candles.
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