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Your Child Will Learn 'adarsh' Of Life With Academic

by:Unionrise     2020-05-29
Primary school education is one of the most significant periods of the student life and it is the initial phrase of compulsory education. Elementary school learning is progress by nursery education and followed by the secondary education. Primary school education plays a vital role in making the base for child's education. Elementary schools help children in accomplishing crucial literacy and mathematical skills in the early years of their school days. Primary schools help students and prepare them for the higher level schools or the secondary level schools. School education makes a prefect background for the children bright future and nurtures them to grow up with strong social and emotional behavior. Adarsh world school believes that elementary school education is important for children over all development and where they can easily achieve the basic abilities of literacy. It is located in sec- 12 Dwarka and established on 24th March with the objective of imparting education and encourages young minds to cultivate new talents. The school helps them develop new skills to make them universal learners. They have maintained beautifully designed infrastructure where learning is funful.The school offers quality education in a cherishing environment and offers world class facilities to increase confidence and self-esteem of the students. Attractive, theme based and air conditioner class rooms, where learning is joyful and interesting. They believe in catering practical knowledge for which the school has well equipped and modern science laboratories with latest equipments and apparatus. Children perform practicals and do detail analysis about the concept they studied in theory part. In the era of information and technology, they made computer education compulsory for the children of all ages. Students learn basics of computer in a well-developed computer lab with most modern software's and internet facilities. Adarsh public School identifies the development level of every child and designs a distinctive and effective school curriculum that is simple to comprehend and helpful for their expansion. Here teachers strive to make learning interesting for students by giving practical knowledge not facts or ideas. Audio- visual aids and smart classes facilitate pupils to study in a more meaningful and constructive atmosphere. For tiny kids, the school crafts a learning environment through different activity zones: art, room, activity room and toys room where little ones carry out creative activities in group. They do art and craft work, mould clay into different shapes, learn and recite poems, and play with multicolored toys. All these help kids to develop social, communication and language skills and guide them to learn in a finer way that's help them in higher school level. The school also gives preference to extra- curriculum activities such as sports, mediation, yoga, and gymnasium for the wellbeing and physical development of the students. Dance and music competition, debate, declamations, cultural functions binds them in the spirit of team work, competition and success. Special guest lectures and seminars are arranged for students to give more knowledge and set their mind for the future learning. Adarsh public school imparts education that promotes learning in the later stage of their life and improves children scholastic performance. Their vision is to endow with excellence in education and other side principles of life 'Adarsh' [moral values] is their major concern.
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