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4 Amazing Creative Tips for Japanese Folding Fans

by:Unionrise     2020-08-27
Decorative fans are wonderful items to give an oriental touch to your party decorations. Available in plenty of colors are designs, they can be also be used as party favors. But, if you don't like to hand over single-colored fans or you do not find the designs very unique, then why not make it unique? Yes, Japanese folding fans can augment your party decor, but they can make it ravishing once you give them your unique touch. You just need to take out few minutes from your routine schedule and sit to work out on ideas. However, if you are falling short of them, then here are four amazing ideas that can make your fans all the more classic and adorable. Pair Hand Fans with Pretty Paper Bands When you don't have much time, then this is the easiest thing to do. Get colorful craft papers that are used for drawings. Cut those paper bands in rectangular shapes. The size depends on the size of the fans. Just make sure that the bands fit into the spokes. Now, write nice wishes or quotes on those paper bands with colorful pens. Now, open the decorative silk fans and fit the bands into the spokes at the base. Gorgeous decorative silk hand fans along with pretty paper bands with nice messages would surely leave a smile on your guest's face. Use Personalized Tags There isn't much difference between the first tip and the second one. The difference that you will find is in using the craft papers. Cut out the papers in square or circular shapes. Once again, use the colorful pens to decorate the papers. You can decorate them with quotes or you can draw cute figures like cartoons or hearts or flowers. You can also use glitter pens to make them more charming. Use paper cutters to punch holes in the tags. Use Baker's twine to suspend those tags from the fans. This idea is ideal when you use the personalized tags as party favors. Create Your Own Designs The pretty silk hand fans with vivid colors and chic designs must have captivated you. But, don't you wonder how nice it would be decorate those fans with your own designs? Well, it won't take you ages to create some nice decorative fans with your own designs. Purchase single-colored fans that are devoid of any design. After that, gather acrylic colors, paint brushes, glitters and pulling gift flower ribbons. You can get some great designs from Internet. Gather some of them and draw beautiful designs with the acrylic colors. Now, after the colors are dried, use glitter pens to outline the drawn figures. Use the pulling flower gift ribbons to give the final touch up. Fold the fans and put the pulling flower ribbons over them. The customized fans are sure to leave your guests with a pleasant surprise. Mix Them Up In this one, you can mix the ideas together to create something extraordinary. For instance, after you have created alluring, customized hand fans, you can fold them and wrap them up with personalized tags. If you don't have time for tags, then you can simply use colorful Baker's twine to create beautiful wraps for the fans. Looking at all the ideas, you may find them a bit tough as gathering things can give you real headaches. Well, the fact is that you just need to go to your computer table to purchase all the required stuffs. There are several online stores where you can find beautiful collection of Japanese folding fans.
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