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Bling Phone Case

by:Unionrise     2020-08-19
Do you have a phone that looks lifeless and uninteresting? Or is your phone looking old and dated when compared to newer phones released in the market? Do you wish to add embellishments to your mobile instrument to make it look snazzy and trendy? Add a bling phone case to your instrument and make it look beautiful and hip. A bling phone case can drastically change the look of that dull instrument you carry in your handbag everyday. It can suddenly become a work of art that draws attention in a crowd. It is not very difficult to make your own bling case. All you need is a cover base that you can buy at a number of different stores, both offline and online. You then need to have an assortment of bling accessories to decorate your cover. You can again get these at craft stores in your neighborhood inexpensively. You can then begin to decorate your cover with the bling materials you have at your disposal. You can use tweezers or pincers to pick each piece and place it on the cover to be stuck. The most important ingredient in making your bling case is the glue that you are using to stick the decorations on the base. Use a strong epoxy type glue so that is holds the decorations in place. Epoxy resins are more temperature resistant when compared to other types of glues. Therefore, ensure that the glue you use for sticking your bling to the phone case is an epoxy type of glue. You can use a wide variety of decorative materials for embellishing your phone case. You can use rhinestones, Swarovski crystals and various other bling materials to adorn your mobile cover. You might already have a lot of these materials at home. You can also get them from any craft store in your neighborhood or buy them online. You just need a lot of patience to do a thorough job with your bling phone case. You need to go inch by inch over the surface area of your cover and stick one stone at a time using your glue. You need to ensure that there are no gaps as your cover the surface. If you are not the DIY type, you can always get a readymade bling iphone cases from any retail store. Just ensure that the stones used are stuck secure to the base. A beautiful phone cover can make your phone stand out from the crowd.
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