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by:Unionrise     2020-08-08
Choosing a craft that will please both you and your kids can be a challenge, especially if they are young. No parent wants to clean up time-consuming messes if it's not mandatory, and that can occur with so many craft projects. If you are looking to update an area in your home and you would like to let your kids help, consider one of these projects that uses magnetic paint to create a fun new space in your house. Many parents need a way to keep up with their busy family's schedule on a regular basis. This is typically done with white boards and bulletin boards that parents will post a variety of reminders on. But white boards and bulletin boards commonly don't look as natural and decorative as most people want, but you may easily use magnetic paint to turn a section of you wall into something to post what you need on. Tape off a square or two on a free wall, paint away, and begin to add some magnets for an instant command station that will keep you all up to date. It's not uncommon for many parents to want to show their children's artwork, post permission slips or notices from a child's school. As an alternative to resorting to hanging these papers on the refrigerator, think of making an art gallery wall in their bedrooms, where they have total control over what they get to display. Magnetic paint will make this happen by painting either a whole wall or even just a framed out area that your kids can then use. Right after the wall is painted, you can even ask your kids to make some decorative magnets to utilize on the wall. And don't be stuck on solely painting the wall. In case you're extra creative, you can paint the front of a dresser and decorate it with magnets that your kids have collected on trips over the years. Leave your refrigerator free, but still hang things in the kitchen with the aid of magnetic paint. Quite a few people are disappointed to learn that they are unable to hang things on their refrigerators that have stainless steel fronts. Give thought to painting a small area on your kitchen backsplash cabinets to hang recipes from to look at easily while cooking. Gallery walls are incredibly popular right now, but if you don't want all the holes in your walls you can actually paint an area that you have framed with trim and display family pictures gallery style inside that area. You will establish a focal point for your kitchen and are also on top of the present-day trends in interior design. There are so many ways that you can utilize magnetic paint in your home and you just might end up painting every wall in the house. You can even paint a spot in your children's bedroom, and let them to join in by letting them select the color to use and the area or items to paint. If you should choose not to hang items on a painted area at some point, no one will even notice there's anything different about your wall.
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