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Do You Know It Is Necessary to Buy Crayon as Toys For Kids

by:Unionrise     2020-08-08
Nowadays, there are too many kids toys in the toys market and many parents don't know how to choose the right one for children, as usual, they always follow the trend. For example, if the stuffed teddy bears are popular at the present, they would buy it for their children. However, as parents, do you know that crayon is an important kid toy for them? Reading the following article to know information about this topic. When babies are six months old, it is too young to buy crayon for them. When babies are 12 months old, they can grasp these crayon with their small hands, and at the same time, they can use crayon to draw everything they like and parents usually can't understand which they had drawn. As for babies, maybe they are not interested in drawing, in fact, they are excited that they can grasp crayon and can make something with crayon, which give them sense of achievement. Therefore, why not give them some crayons as the toys for them and make them experience the joy of success? When children are 18 months old, they would immediately imitate you to write and draw with crayons if they have seen you ware writing and painting. What's more, most of children have the ability to walk, therefore they alway write something or draw something on the wall. As parents, you should not blame your kids and they just give themselves the opportunity to practice. If you are afraid of trouble, you can buy the crayon which can be easily cleaned for them. When children are two years old, they are glad to sit alone quietly and at the same time they like to draw on the paper with colorful crayons, which can be considered as poor handwriting. When you look at their pictures, you find no smooth lines, no composition and even no colors. However, it is really their pictures and what parents should do is to offer the necessary tools and appreciate what they have drawn. When kids are three years old, their artistic talent begin to appear. For example, they have the ability to draw circle, cross, square, or even draw a human body or parts of them. At the same time, they can recognize three and four colors. Some kids can even write a few capital letters in English. With the development of cognitive abilities, you can teach them to know more colors and give them more opportunity to paint. They would finally become more skilled.
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