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For What Businesses And Events Can You Use A Bike

by:Unionrise     2020-08-01
If you think that you can use images of bicycles only in brand marks for businesses and events related to sports, then you are wrong. An image of a bike is much more versatile than that. Below mentioned are few ideas for using a bike logo design for different businesses and events. For A Travel Service Company: For a company that is related to travel services, you want to make sure that your customers know that you will show them a good time and they will enjoy the venue. Here you can craft scenery with a sun shining at the end of the frame and palm trees and blue clouds surrounding the picture. You can show a person riding a bicycle towards the sun representing travel towards a peaceful place. For A Local Park: You can create an illustration of scenery encased in a round badge showing a person enjoying the atmosphere on a bike. This way you will also promote health care and exercise which will result in greater number of visitors to the park. For Any Business Related To Environmental Conservation: For any company that is related to environmental conservation and sustainability, an image of a bicycle is perfect to represent its values. Here, you can show an image of the earth with a person riding on the bike across it. You can use green color as a prominent touch to give an impression of the environment. For A Sports Event: If you are crafting an emblem for a sports event, you can craft a silhouette of a man riding a bike and use colorful background for the symbol. If you want to add a subtle touch to the trademark, then you can craft an image of a bike's wheel with angelic wings. For An Organic Or Health Food Store Or Restaurant: If you are opening a new food store in the area, then combine the image of the bicycle with images that define the distinctness of your business. For example, if your store is selling only seafood, then you can illustrate an image of a fish riding a bicycle. The cycle will represent health while the fish will signify your product nature. For a bakery or flower shop: Even if you are creating bike logo stickers for a flower shop or a bakery, you can craft an image of a bike with a basket in the front with heaped flowers or a bunch of cupcakes. You can show a small trail of flowers behind the cycle to add an imaginative touch to the design. Draw this design in black and white colors to maintain its classic touch. To sum it up, an image of a bicycle is perfect to represent almost any business whether it is a sports event or an emblem of a bakery.
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