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Framing A Jigsaw Puzzle

by:Unionrise     2020-08-01
Assembling a jigsaw puzzle is both time-consuming and exciting at the same time and after we finish it, some of us feel bad to take it apart and put it back into the box. For this reason, many prefer to frame the puzzle and preserve it for the years to come. It is very cheap to do so plus it is very simple and fun to complete the process. Here is what you should do: First of all, you need to verify the dimensions of the puzzle (check the box) and cut your cardboard / poster matting the correct size. Make sure that your entire puzzle will fit n the board. After verifying this, you must place the cardboard mat / poster board on the table before starting the puzzle. Now, assemble the pieces on top of the mat. After you have finished the puzzle, use puzzle glue in order to seal all of the pieces together. The glue must be applied liberally around the edges. We recommend that you let the glue dry for about 24 hours or so and after that, gently slide the puzzle off the board matting. You might need to gently pry the puzzle off in certain places, if it has stuck to the board. Now it is time to apply the puzzle glue to the board matting and make sure that you cover the entire surface evenly. Take the finished puzzle and place it on top of the aforementioned matting board quickly, before the glue dries completely. Now, press down on the puzzle in order to make sure that it has adhered completely. Wait a night for the clue to dry entirely. Use a standard picture frame that you can buy from your local department store, art shop or even local thrift shops. We advise you to buy the frame first so that you are certain that the size, style and shape are appropriate for the puzzle. You can choose your frame from kits made specifically to preserve puzzles. You have the possibility to buy a puzzle preservation kit from your local craft store or from many of the online stores that sell such kind of products. In the following we will share some tips that you must keep in mind when starting to frame a jigsaw puzzle: a) The dimensions of the puzzle frames are usually fairly accurate; b) The dimensions of puzzles are sometimes not; c) You might have to trim the puzzle slightly, on one or two edges in order to make it fit the frame; d) Get a rigid straight edge and a sharp knife to do so. We recommend that if you want to buy a puzzle and frame it after completing it, it is best to purchase a model from a well-known company. Avoid getting cheap ones as most likely they will look bad on your wall. Another advice that we can give you - if you want to display the framed puzzle in a room where there are plenty of lights, we advise you to buy some non-glare glass. Although it can be a little bit expensive, only by doing so you will be able to eliminate all of the reflections from the bright lights.
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