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Froggle Entertainers- The Modern Kids Entertainer

by:Unionrise     2020-08-01
The modern kids' entertainer is a lot more than just some guy dressed in a clown outfit. Modern children's entertainment is all about creating an environment in which children can be as entertained as adults in which they get as much variety, and as much value for money, as any 'grown up' party would when it hired entertainment to help it go off well. Modern children's entertainers sing; they dance; they do magic (really good magic, too, not just tricks with a fake wand); they run games and competitions; and they paint kid's faces or help them dress up. Kid's entertainment as we used to know it, has come a long way. To get an idea of the full range of the modern kids' entertainer, one simply has to type the term into a search engine and have a look at what comes back. One would come across FroggleParties, who lists a range of children's entertainments that all entertainers booked through Froggle provide as standard. These include 'magic, puppet show, bubble machines, rocket balloon racing, prizes for the birthday boy or girl' and a 'mini disco' including kid's favourites like the hokey cokey, the conga and limbo dancing. Anyone who remembers a kids entertainer from their own youth (which, to be fair, was probably someone's mum or dad dressed in an embarrassing wig) will know that this little lot is about as far from the naff attempts made to entertain children in the 70s, 80s and 90s as it's possible to get. The idea behind providing professional entertainment for children is basically motivated by a recognition that the young ones tend to be easier to control when they have been worn out. Birthdays are a classic time for over stimulation and tantrums. A kids' entertainer takes all of that energy and channels it properly, making sure that every child attending feels fully involved and a part of the action. After an hour or so of cleverly directed charging around, even the most hyperactive little darling is ready to go home as meekly as a lamb. The days of screaming recalcitrant young children, kicking and fighting their way out of the door, loaded to the gills on E numbers and jelly, are gone. Some of the magic entertainment these new school children's party entertainers provide is truly first rate: properly trained magicians doing tricks with balloons, wands, top hats and birthday presents. The balloon magic always goes down a treat there's nothing like a kids' entertainer making special animals and toys out of balloons to keep a group of children happy for an afternoon. And because the entertainers are able to make the birthday boy or girl feel super special whilst ensuring that none of the other guests feel left out, everyone enjoys themselves. Given the price (which isn't huge), kid's entertainers are pretty much a must have solution for every child's party. As FroggleParties points out, once an entertainer is hired, all the parents need do is relax and prepare the food. Everything else is taken care of.
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