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Holiday Crafts For Decking Your Halls in Any Season

by:Unionrise     2020-07-27
As the old tune goes, come Christmas, you're supposed to deck the halls with boughs of holly. But what about those who don't celebrate Christmas? Perhaps you celebrate Hanukkah. Maybe Kwanzaa is what your family celebrates. And what about the holidays that take place the rest of the year? What about Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day and everything in between? How will you ever begin to decorate for the upcoming holidays? Holidays are a great excuse to do a little festive decorating on the house, not to mention kick back and have a party. If you're stumped for how to decorate your home for the holidays, look no further than your local craft supply website. They'll help you stock your cabinets with everything you need to deck the halls in any season, be it winter, spring, summer or fall. Christmas and Winter Decorations. Acrylic fillable ornaments are a great, inexpensive way to personalize your decorating around the holiday season. Everyone decorates their tree with Christmas ornaments, but what if this year all of your ornaments were personalized? Imagine the kids filling stars with gold glitter, or large balls stuffed with little peppermint candies. It's a great family activity - something that you can all do together to get ready to ring in the holiday season in style. These fillable ornaments come in lots of different shapes, from stars to clear plastic balls in multiple sizes. If you feel so inclined, you can even create your own Lady Gaga-esque bubble dress! Hearts and teardrops are also available, and you can order gold wire ornament hanger stands to help you create your ornaments. Another great decorating option is a beautiful advent wreath. The advent wreath, which is a Christian tradition, symbolizes the eternal cycle of the seasons. Generally, the wreath is made of evergreens, but these metal ones allow you to put four candles in a heavy green wire shaped like a wreath. Each candle signifies the four weeks of the Advent. If you're going to purchase one of these, consider your sizing (you can get 12 inch wreaths or 10 inch wreaths) and your candle colors (it's typical to get three purple candles and one rose candle). This advent wreath, lit by gorgeous tapered candles, makes an excellent table centerpiece at your holiday dinner. Another fun decorating tool is colored bells. The kids will go crazy over these! Sleigh bells, you can call them - just like what Rudolph wears when he comes to deliver the Christmas presents with Santa. Bells are great for both art projects and decorating. String them into large sets and hang them around the tree, or make jingle bells for your child's reindeer stuffed animal. They can also be made into fun necklaces for the kids to wear around the house. These bells come in a variety of colors. You can get a set of jewel toned jingle bells or a set of purple, blue and silver bells, or a set of just one color. Whatever your heart desires, it's here! Valentine's Day Decorations Another holiday that often requires a good deal of decoration is Valentine's Day. Red and pink galore dominates on this holiday, which celebrates relationships and people who love one another. Aside from the typical roses and chocolate routine, there are often diamonds involved - but what about the decorating? What to get to deck the halls for cupid's favorite holiday? For starters, consider a silk bouquet of red roses. Real roses will be necessary too, of course, whether you're giving them or receiving them, but silk roses can be used year after year and are a romantic reminder of the night to come. Consider them as a centerpiece for your dining room table. Another fun and slightly silly touch for Valentine's day is the small plush black and white cow. This lovable miniature stuffed animal features heart spots on its feet, plus it holds a bright red heart in its hands. This is the perfect way to surprise your hubby. Simply place it on his pillow for when it gets home or sneak it into his briefcase while he's getting ready for work. Slightly cheeky but oh so adorable, this might not be a traditional decorative, but it's a great gift!Another fun option is a variety of red and pink confetti - in heart shapes, of course! Sprinkle these on the dining room table around the silk roses you're using as a centerpiece, and you've got one romantic table setting! Now all you need are some real flowers and a box of chocolates. As you can see, there are lots of great decorating options at your local online craft retailer, not just for Christmas and Valentine's Day, but also Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Independence Day and more. There's something for everyone!
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