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Holiday Crafts To Make With Your Children

by:Unionrise     2020-07-26
So your children are on their holiday break and already bored? It can be Mom or Dad to the rescue with these fun and useful craft ideas! These items can be made with a few inexpensive supplies and depending on the age of your children, very little supervision from you. However, it's always fun to let your inner child loose and make these crafts right along side your child. Would you like to have personalized place cards on your holiday table? You need card stock in the color of your choice, coordinating ribbon, some holiday-themed stickers, and a permanent marker for writing names on the place cards. You will also need glue and scissors. Cut the card stock into 4' X 6' pieces and fold in half to make the place card. Glue ribbon along the bottom edge, write the person's name on the front half of the card and place stickers around the name as desired. Presto, you now have decorative place cards for all your dinner guests! This craft idea can be used in two ways. Make festive napkin rings or tree ornaments with these supplies. All you need to make napkin rings are brightly colored pipe cleaners and pony beads. String approximately 24 pony beads onto a pipe cleaner. Center the beads, form a circle and twist together the ends of the pipe cleaner, curling them for a decorative look. To make tree ornaments, just add a thin ribbon to the circle for hanging. With a little help from you, your child can make a holiday wreath with his very own hands, literally! Trace his hand 8 or more times on to red and green construction paper, cut out and glue together in a wreath shape with the fingers facing out. The wreaths can be decorated with stickers, paint or anything of your choice.
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