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How can Your Kitchen and Living Room be Kids-Friendly?

by:Unionrise     2020-07-22
Kids love climbing up and down the stairs, roaming around the house and other such domestic tours. They love visiting kitchen on their own to grab something to eat. They love to sit with their elders in the living room in front of the fireplace. So why not make your kitchen and living room as kids-friendly as their very own bedrooms? You can do it very simply by keeping few very basic tricks in mind. Tips for Kitchen Updates Usually kitchen has so many items which make the kitchen unsuitable for any kid's activity. But we can always make it safe by making minor changes in the kitchen decor. Some important additions or changes to be made to your kitchen are: Plan the kitchen space such that your kitchen seems wide and capacious. Keep all the utensils in proper cabinets and away from children's reach if they are breakable. Keep all the kitchen appliances at a safe place. Remember to put all the wiring out of sight and especially out of children's reach. Check that the water and electrical sources are properly working and piping has been done right according to the requirement of your kitchen. Prefer easy-to-clean flooring. Choose hardwood or marble tiles as the main flooring material. Sophisticated accessories like carpets and rugs should be avoided in the kitchen if kids are to be involved. Use such paints or wallpapers that create a healthy feel in the kitchen. Prefer refreshing colors that make the cooking and eating experience fun. Always choose sturdy furniture for your kitchen. Select those items that cover less space while functioning perfectly well. Select stools with comfortable stool pads in lively colors. Moreover, these stools should be easily manageable, moveable and light-weight. Kitchen counter that you select should be compact enough to cover the least space possible. Try to get them fixed along the wall. Tips for Living Room Updates Living room is the place where the whole family cherishes some of the most memorable moments of their lives. Kids, being the most important members of the family, should always be considered while decorating a living room. Some ways to do so are: Select the largest room in the house for turning into a living room as there is much decoration you will wish to have in the most prominent part of your home. Always cover the floor with a decently colored carpet and complimentary rugs to make the room look cozy. Paint the walls with neutral shades. Keep the floor and walls complimenting each other. You can use any material for the floor as it will be covered by carpet in the end. You can add creative wall accents, fixtures, paintings, aquarium and other decorations that give a lively feel to your living room. Avoid using dull colors that make your room look gloomy. Use the space of the room moderately. Don't overdo the decorations. Make sure there is ample space for everyone, especially kids to move around without breaking anything. You can even keep television sets, PCs and small couches for making the place more interesting. Lighting of the living room should be bright enough to create a festive feel of the room. If possible, do remember to add different sized chandeliers. Sofas, chairs and cushions should be very trendy yet comfortable in every sense. This will allow you and your family and sometimes your guests have a sense of belonging and warmth. These very familiar but highly useful tips will give a great outcome if you bring in your kids and plan and execute everything with your children.
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