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How to Choose an Airbrush And Air Compressor

by:Unionrise     2020-07-21
We call airbrushing a type of art, because in this way you transform your idea and sense of art on whatever material you want. People are getting fascinated by airbrush painting with the fineness and vivid image it presents. But we all know that it's far from easy to create any successful works without regular practice and fine tools. Almost the same as tattoo artists, airbrush artists also need a set of kit and a lot of practice to make themselves a qualified artist, and even a master. But the difference between real tattoo and airbrushing is, there are much more types of applications of airbrushing, and it means more choices of airbrush kit out there, thus more problems for investing an airbrush. Here we meet a common problem, how to choose one. Let's start with some simplest questions. What medium I need to make that work? How much can I pay for all I need? You can answer to the first question with no doubt. Airbrushing can be used widely from small personal studios to large workshops. There are various applications of airbrushing. You can use airbrush to put makeup and fake tattoo on human skin, nail art on people's hands, to decorate a cake, paint on a car, or simply draw a picture. They may be entirely different works when they come to practice. So you should choose an airbrush with some specified features that fit the certain work. If you've made sure what you will airbrush, then you can find out or narrow down the choices of the airbrushing kit you want to get. What are you going to it can also directly affect what medium you want to spray through your airbrush. Let's say, you're airbrushing t shirts, then you can narrow down the choices of medium to paints. It is usually the most important for craft, textile airbrushing, so it's better to purchase a set of different colors of airbrush paint, separately from an airbrush kit. Most of the paints for textile or craft can be found in craft shops, while the paints for autos should be purchased in automotive stores. The last and maybe the most decisive question here is how much you can afford. Just consider this question according to the amount of work your airbrushing project need, and your budget. If you're just intending to details on crafts and textile, and it doesn't need a large amount of work, an ordinary dual action airbrush and a hobby are just enough. Most airbrushes can achieve most airbrushing art work, like t shirt, craft painting, and nail art, makeup airbrush. And most of those multifunctional has more than 2 spray guns in a kit set, each of the gun have its specific effect. Usually speaking, thinner the nozzle of the airbrush is, finer the art it can present. Nozzle sizes of tattoo airbrush range from 0.10 to 0.35mm, while large paintings need airbrushes with nozzle of more than 0.5mm. The output of the air source should be matched with the airbrush you have. It can be a mini hobby compressor, a portable shop compressor, or a CO2 tank. Compressors for fake tattoo, makeup or nail airbrushing can be purchased from some online suppliers as it's usually cheaper than that in local art shops. You can also purchase a compressor combined with airbrushes, known as airbrush kit set, which is much cheaper than they are purchased separately and better matching of all parts for specific airbrushing purpose. In most online stores, a set of decent airbrush kit costs from $100 to $200. And you can also find a good kit around $70 as a hobby home kit in some stores.
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