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How To Customize Baby Onesie Using Baby Month Stickers

by:Unionrise     2020-07-24
Onesies are famous all around the world. It's a baby suit or a one piece outfit worn by newborns or infants. Generally, these onesies come in regular sky blue and baby pink shades for boys and girls respectively. Most of them are plain without any fancy trimmings or decorations therefore mothers prefer to customize these onesies with different things. Using Baby Month stickers, buttons, tattoos and pictures is a great idea! Out of all the above mentioned options, using stickers is the easiest way. Fiddling with buttons, laces and threads is a nerve-racking task for mothers who have no knowledge about stitching. Besides, stickers are vibrant, cute and simple to use. You can customize these suits for special occasions like baby shower, birthdays and children's day. You simply need to find necessary craft supplies and colorful Month Onesie stickers and some creativity for accomplishing this task. First of all, you should purchase onesies that come in solid colors because these shades are easy to decorate or customize. You can use stickers that come in different shapes such as flowers, hearts, balloons, toys, animals and crosses. You may also search for numbers and alphabets if you wish to write name, age and birthday of your baby. Apart from putting up stickers, you can also add rhinestones, buttons, crosses or small goodies that look good. However, make sure there are no possibilities of chocking. Some craft stores and baby shops offer iron-on onesie stickers. You simply have to put the sticker on the baby suit and iron on the opposite surface and the sticker shall stick on the fabric. You can search for these stickers on online websites. Online agencies have plenty of creative options. A selected few let you use customized patterns for baby suits. Few stores offer you the provision of using printed photographs or photo stickers. You simply need to scan your family photo and send them to the baby store and they shall convert it into a sticker like format. While selecting Baby Month stickers please ensure that you purchase something which doesn't portray negative thoughts. For instance, many parents use skulls, bones, chains, ghost symbols, cigarettes or other such offensive objects on onesies. You shouldn't expose your innocent toddlers to such violent objects. Use Month Onesie Stickers that are naive, attractive and friendly. They'll make your child appear more innocent and beautiful.
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