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How to Keep Kids Away From Cosmetics

by:Unionrise     2020-07-20
If a girl is asked what she likes the most, an expected answer would be cosmetics. It is a very normal thing for girls to put make-up on face everyday. In fact, it interests them from a very small age. It's a children character that they like to apply their mother's cosmetics when they see them applying it. Some mother apply this cosmetics on their child when they demand for it without knowing the fact that cosmetics are precarious for their child as it can cause skin allergy. Children also insist their mother to apply the cosmetics on them while they go to school so that they can look good and show them to their friends. Most of the little girls love to experiment with the makeup and wants to look beautiful as their mother does. The beauty products include blush, mascara and lipstick which contain anti oxidants to prevent aging. Let me question you something: Is it feasible to have a children who is just 8 or 12 years old who has developed wrinkle on their face. Even 25 years old girl doesn't require this. Experts say that it is dangerous for children to use the adult makeup in daily life. The constituent used in the cosmetics for the adult are comparatively high, which can obstruct the pores and stimulate allergy among children. When children consult a doctor for the treatment, the medicines generally hold hormones which can affect their physical health. This is not only the end the cosmetics also contain pigment and chemical substances which not only stimulate the skin of children but also influence the gastric and intestinal functions very badly. Some people take the use of nail paints by children very casually because they think that it cannot threaten their kid's health. Adults feel that nail polish won't harm the children but they don't know that it also contain undue chemical substances that affect the health of the human body adversely. Without knowing the fact they happily put nail paint on their child's insistence. Children have the habit of putting the fingers in their mouth all the time, while eating it also go inside the mouth and due to this the chemicals enters into the stomach. This creates problem later and child can suffer with stomach problem. When children demand from the parents to apply them the cosmetics while going to school, parents should not strictly hear them. They should make them recognize that they should go to school in an easy manner and continue with the decorum made by the school. A child should know the fact that cosmetics should not be used in school and the school is not meant for fashion parade. There is a problem that the advertising agency often hires the kids for the advertisement of the beauty products. There are many kids who work in the serials and the film industry; and the sad part is that they apply lots of makeup just to look eye-catching on screen. This makes them older than their age and the innocence from their face is lost.
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