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How To Paint and Install a Body Kit

by:Unionrise     2020-07-23
I decided that it was best that I learn how to paint a car from start to finish and installing the body kit. This was due to the high prices of professional auto body stores and the fact that I enjoy learning about cars. Normally, my interest was reserved to how they drive and how fast they go, but I was intrigued at that thought of learning how their paint jobs are applied. I decided to do some net searching and came upon a number of do it yourself websites. The one that stood out amongst these was learnautobodyandpaint.com. Here's an awesome video that shows how to paint and install a body kit! When buying body kits you basically have 2 options. 1. Spend more and get a quality polyurethane kit so you have less body work. 2. Save on cash... get a Duraflex type of kit and do some body work and paint to getting looking like a quality kit. Most fiberglass body kits are NOT perfect. They have waves, thin spots, thick spots, and you really need to do a good job with your body work and prep stage if want to get it looking like a decent kit (and also have the girls impressed). Have you seen some kids or grown men on the streets in their cars with a body kit on it, but when you look closer, you see waves, ripples, paint blemishes etc... and it just looks like crap? That's because all they did was prime it and paint it. And it came out looking like crap. If you want the easy way, Polyurethane kits are the way to go. They are much more expensive but will save you the process in having to do a complete skim coat to remove all of the imperfections. So, what did we did to the BMW 545i project? We did (option 2.). We got the cheap kit, customized it and made it look like a MILLION DOLLARS! and yep! again, we recorded the ENTIRE step-by-step process so YOU can C O P Y and apply the same techniques to your specific projet no matter if your doing this to your car, truck or bike! And if you're spending the extra bucks and getting a Polyurethane bodykit or a quality fiberglass kit like the Bomex body kit (made in Japan).
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