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How we Craft Our Model Planes

by:Unionrise     2020-07-17
Most of the time, things in life are not easy especially if it's the finer things. Warplanes very well know this so we really give our best efforts in order to come up with truly fine model airplanes. The art of model crafting is a very thorough and arduous process to which we duly abide to. Being aircraft aficionados ourselves, we make sure that every model plane has the exact same look of the very plane itself since we offer scaled-down models after all. So how do we begin? Everything starts with research. Clear images and photos of aircraft in almost every angle are studied. The tiniest details are important since these model planes are expected to be scaled-down versions. Next is mahogany wood. The measurement of an actual airplane is scaled down to model size through rigorous carving of mahogany wood. Carving can take up to three days if only one specific type of plane model is going to be produced. The span of this secondary process varies if different types of plane models are going to be produced. Sanding is also crucial to give it a clean look and smooth finish. After that is the application of putty. This is a part of the process so that the carved models will have a smoother surface. Also, it gives painters the perfect canvas they need in order to give these models a more distinct and detailed look. Once the putty has set, skilled hands paint the models. A trained eye and careful hands are needed to achieve the precision models require. Painted models are then allowed to dry. As soon as it is perfectly dry, model airplanes are polished and carefully placed inside boxes. Parts like propellers and model airplane stands are separately placed inside to avoid damaging the finished products. Model airplane stands are wooden bases with steel rods for plane models to be propped upon if needed. These stands have various sizes depending on the size of the aircraft model. Furthermore, customers can select whether these bases will have carved logos or aluminum plate logos. Finally, models are shipped directly to customers. The overall process may take 8 to 12 weeks depending on the number and type of orders.
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