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Jobs That Require Art Degrees

by:Unionrise     2020-07-15
You are the artistic type. You love colors and design, and how they work together to create works of art. So naturally, you want to major in the subject you love so dearly. But is it a waste of your time to pursue an art degree? You should look into the possible career options you will have available to you before deciding on working toward your art major. While it is true that many companies these days just want you to have any degree at all, this is not always the case in every situation, and it is important to know what to expect for your future endeavors. Graphic Design Overall, your best bet for getting an art job is to learn as much as you can about graphic design and other types of art design that are done on computers. The future is very technology oriented, and you need to make sure you have the skills that will translate well in these types of jobs. Learning Photoshop, Maya, and other graphic design programs will put you in a better position than other artistic people who are too stubborn to learn the 'new' way of creating art. These other people will likely wind up as the stereotypical starving artists because they refuse to learn a different way to be artistic. Craft Artist If you are incredibly good at a particular artistic task, like pottery or quilts, there are many people who love to buy handmade arts and crafts. Keep in mind that it may be difficult for you to get a steady job doing this, but you can certainly work your craft (no pun intended) as a freelance side job. Creating art to be used as decoration will always have its appeal, no matter how small the audience. Fine Artist or Painter Painting portraits or creating sculptures may be in your blood, according to you, but in order to find a good job with quality income, you will need to practice your craft and make sure you are the absolute best at what you do. The demand for good paintings and other works of fine art can be high and you can make a good living with creating them if you are good enough. However, if you do not have a portfolio and maybe even some award winning pieces, you should probably look elsewhere for a good job. Packaging Designer You may not have thought much about the bag that your spaghetti came in, but someone else put some hard work into its design. Careers in packaging design are always in demand as long as we have consumers. Some people enjoy certain types of packaging so much that they collect its various types. Wouldn't you love to know that someone is so taken by your packaging design that they decided to start a collection? Set Designer Working on a movie set sounds glamorous, does it not? Designing the various sets that make up the look and feel of a movie could be your dream job. This is a very creative job, but you must also be willing to compromise your design as necessary because of accommodations for sound and lighting technicians.
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